Monday, February 1, 2016


That Giant snow storm by passed us by a lot, so we got only a sprinkling here in Dartmouth area, everything is going wonderfully.
This week has been so Great and marvelous, with so many blessings and events that have been mind blowing.

we were just about to go street contacting and said a prayer for the Lord to bless us to find the people he had prepared us to find, so we went out and were talking to people for about an hour with no success, we had just exited the building and in passing through a passing hello to a man walking by us and continued walking, before we got too far we heard this man call out to us, and he came up to us, he had seen us walking day by day and knew we were Mormon and had heard a lot of anti about us, and he just wanted to say he was amazed by our conviction in still going out even when it was hard, and he wanted to know what the truth of everything was, why we did what we did, and we were able to relate the restoration to him and bear our testimonies about the first vision, he gave us his number and asked us to set up a time for us to come and teach him more.
I know that the Lord had set up everything that day for us to find that man, His name is Alex and I just thank the Lord for putting him in our path, because I know that we would not have met him except through the spirit.
We have been also meeting with a man named Jerry who is a black man and is very spiritual and loves hearing the word of God, but he is caught up on it and won't move past that grudge he is holding from it, I would encourage you all to learn about it, because you will definitely come across people who have major concerns about it, something that I find comforting though is no matter what mistakes anyone makes in this church, the Gospel is true, and any missteps or mistakes are the mistakes of man, as for the doctrines of the Gospel they are pure and without the teachings which we learn and grow from we would all be lost in a world that would love us to do everything contrary to that which we believe, having a wonderful family, living a higher way of living, finding peace in this life, there are so many people I meet who are lost, who are despairing and desperate for peace, you don't even have to ask with some people I have seen the spiritual hunger in peoples faces and the need for this Gospel, I know the Church is true even as much as I know that I have a body, and the teachings that are taught, and the doctrines expressed through the Gospel are all true and meant to benefit our lives, nothing can change the truth, the truth will always be the truth and the only thing that changes is us, we can turn away from truth but that still doesn't change it.
I don't know why I go off on these rant's just know that when I do, its something that I am concerned about, I would invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it is true, I have done so and I know it is true, I know that God is out loving Heavenly Father and he has a plan for each on of us, I know that Christ came to earth to be a perfect example to us and that he truly suffered the atonement, we cannot even comprehend the depths of the atonement, he suffered for everyone of our sins, our heartaches, our anger, our vanity, our shortcomings, our depression, our grief, our pains, he had felt every paper cut, every hurt and sadness we have ever felt and will ever feel, and the greatest treasure of all is that we can let him relieve all of it, if we put our trust in him, I have had so many struggles and it is only because of the atonement that I am here today, writing this email from Halifax, and soon to be California, He is reaching for you to take his hand, his arm is ever extended... will you take it? I encourage every one of you to look to him because it is in him that we are saved from everything.

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