Monday, February 1, 2016


We have been pretty busy this week and its been interesting to see things unfold and look back at how many things go 'just right' during the week, even today we were street contacting when we stopped to give this random guy a card for, (highly suggest everyone makes an account on that it is a wonderful way to tell who you are and what you believe, Sam and Ben you want to be a missionary now? then update your accounts regularly, you never know when someone your age will be looking over it)

Also this week I have been reflecting a lot on life, and i have to say I am constantly worried, like Nephi I want the best for my siblings, though each one of you guys are so amazing, I have met so many people while knocking on doors who just up a leave the church because they just don't "feel like its for them" and I just want you guys to know that I have a personal witness that this Gospel is so true, I can't stress enough the need for conversion, and finding and growing your testimony now, I also have a personal witness that Satan wants each of you guys to fail, to not achieve your full potential, I have felt his influence in my life, and have lost a lot of time trying to figure things out, I know that each one of you are so amazing and are all leaders among men, why do you think God saved you until the best and worst days of the world? he sent us here because we are his choice spirits, he sent us here because whatever this world threw at us he knew we could take it and throw it back better then ever, each one of you has so many talents and abilities that enable you to be great, don't waist another moment, because you are truly special, and nothing can bring you down, stop lazing about, and be who you truly are meant to be, I am constantly amazed that I can be in such a great family with people filled with so much light and love, and every time I think about each and everyone of you, Dad, Mom, Steph, Sam, Ben, Abby Mia. I can't help but think how lucky, how privileged, and how great it is to be able to grow up with leaders, and examples to me in my life. I cant even express the depth of emotion I feel, the fullness of love I have for all of you, you have made me who I am, and I know that you all are meant to "shake the very foundations of Hell" and that I get to be counted among you.

So my plea to each one of you, is stop wasting time being average. Stop wasting time being distracted, because that's what Satin wants, that is when satin wins, when he can pull us away from our full potential... Follow your dreams, and trust in the Lord. I don't say this because I hear about people rejecting the Gospel, I say this because I have seen it so many times this week, people leave at literally any age, especially when they are raised up in the Gospel

Nothing is too hard yet, my companions are pretty great, we get along well, though Elder Gardner is struggling with severe foot pains which makes tracting a bit hard, but other then that I have to say this is the closest I have ever felt to the Lord.

 Its so cool how things are turning out, I have been studying the first vision, and its pretty interesting how things go, MEMORIZE the fist vision! and then experiment on non member friends, it has a cool effect when you say the first vision story word for word starting from "I saw a light" no matter what people are doing they literally shut down, and will look at you in the eyes until you finish and a lot of times its because the spirit pierces their souls. so I encourage you try it... it's cool. Make sure to explain things first though, :) 

I shall update you as much as I can next week, I can't really describe a lot of main events, a lot of times I only send what I feel I need to, and I can't really remember too many events. one thing I do remember however is that February 9th is national pizza day, :) 

I Love all of you SO much and I am proud to be one of the Smiths. 

Elder Joshua Smith

we have a two hour time block for writing emails and there is a lot of specific spiritual insights i feel could benefit specific people I know so I feel like as long as I can keep my head and prioritize my time (with the help of my companions) i can use that two hours to increase faith in people i know and fulfill my purpose more effectively by helping others more fully come unto Christ. I know it was unadvised it is probably cause of missionaries getting sidetracked, if I feel I am getting sidetracked and drawn away from my purpose I will ask them to just send me letters or speak to me after my mission.

My address is

7 horizon court 
101 dartmouth
NS B3A 4R2

and the mission office address is:

202 brownlow ave
FF dortmouth
NS B3B 1T5

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