Monday, February 1, 2016


I sure do love you guys and its so cool to hear about the growth of everyone (including coco) I know for a fact that we are a family of leaders, I do not say this to make us filled with pride but because every time I see improvement in each one of my siblings and hear the wonderful stories related with them I know that everyone of this family can inspire all those around them, I know that you guys sure inspire me, I am grateful for parents who built me up and for each one of you to encourage me to be greater, From steph inspiring me to take risks and go on adventures, Sam inspiring me to follow my heart and stick to what I feel is right, Ben makes me never want to give up to stick to the task and to follow my passions to the end, When I feel down on my luck and miserable I think of Abby and I can find the courage to follow my heart, and Mia is always my ray of hope, I think of her bright smile and I can't be sad. All of you are an example to me and I know I could never be half the person I am without all of you guys showing me great examples of leaders among men, I can never express enough how lucky I feel to be among these noble and great ones. and how lucky we are to be raised by parents who love us and only want us to reach our full potential. 
Mom and Dad you guys are the reason I am here today, without you I could never have made it this far, I will always be eternally grateful for everything you do and have done to raise me, who knows where I would be today without Dad's unshakable example of what a good man should be, I know that all of my life I have wanted to grow up to be like my dad. Mom has always told me to be the best I could be, she always wants the best for me, I am so glad for the relationship we have and how I could talk to her about anything, Mom you are busy all the time with us with hardly a moment to yourself, and yet you always found time for me, I know that some moments were easier then others and that i haven't always expressed how deeply I am in your debt for teaching me and showing me how to be the best person I can become.
I write in my journal everyday, and I always write as did nephi only briefly the account of events, I record thoughts and questions, Epiphanies and joy's of the day, highlights and feelings. I have found that when you are constantly learning something new everyday that it isn't that hard to write at least a little, and I would encourage everyone that they write in their journal, it doesn't have to be long or complex, well written or proper, write what you feel you want to write, their is no specific way you have to write it, as long as you can read it it doesn't matter what you put in their, you can draw pictures, make up a language, who cares what you write in it? its your journal as long as you care what you write in it, that is all you need.
a little report on events,
we picked up a new investigator this week her name is Faith Eweka, she is a single mother She is black, and she is so cool, she has a belief in God and she is crazy busy, she works three jobs, airport security, teacher, and substitute teacher, and she is going to school to be a counselor and on top of that she has to care for her ten year old daughter.
I am doing a lot of knocking and street contacting because the people here are really stubborn but I know that the spirit can touch the heart of all who are willing to listen.
How is the individual scripture reading? Anybody find anything cool? the other day I found that their are satyrs in the Book of Mormon. Its your job to find out where. I also found that God's hand is always reaching for us, all we need to do is grasp hold of his everlasting love.
Any cool missionary experiences from anyone? I challenge everyone of you to share your testimony with someone you know. There is a promise in a talk I read that if you are willing to speak of truth, and you don't feel like you have a testimony, if you will tell people of the truth of the gospel the spirit will manifest its truthfulness unto you as well. 
Any questions for me? I can promise you that if you are wondering about anything in the Gospel I will help you to the best of my ability.

Here are a couple pictures of some of my first day's here, we went to a cool place filled with street art the mural I am standing in front of tells a story and I think Russell Francis would love that, it is so cool.

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