Friday, May 26, 2017

May 1, 2017 - Life

From Joshua:

Not a lot happened this week, we have pretty much dropped everyone of the people we usually go by so we have had to get a little more inventive with our time, all in all just the riggers of missionary work setting in, it is to be expected, some weeks will be amazing and some weeks will really suck, and others will just be like limbo, you will be doing all you can and yet time goes by with nothing... at least nothing noticeable going on. 

We did have one person who seemed pretty solid, we found her a while ago and this week taught her the message of the restoration, the spirit was there and she could feel the power of the truth, we set another appointment for friday and came back super excited and super prepared to teach a great lesson, she had even kept her commitment to read from the Book of Mormon, but after she told us that she said that she was really comfortable where she was at, and didn't want to change, it is always sad when someone can feel the truth and the power of our antimony and yet still reject the message of the gospel. 
We had a similar experience with a referral where she was really interested in the message of the gospel and we shared the restoration and after we finished she simply said that she was not interested. 

All the different experiences, On Sunday we had a chance to listen to a baby blessing from one of the Cannons one of their extended family is Elder Baxter of the general authority seventies. So we got to talk with him for a while. 

Nothing too much really to report this week, didn't really celebrate or tell anyone about my birthday because I hate getting stuff or praise from others from me complaining or trying to draw attention to myself, I made a casual comment about it to an elder for district meeting and it just blew up and everyone kept telling me happy birthday, anyway, there are those times in life that may seem like limbo, but if we put trust in God things will get better.

This week there has been a lot of talk about the end of times, how things just keep getting worse I have said this before but California is a very very worldly place, and for a while people have been talking about how it is only getting worse, life is pretty messed up for a lot of people and we need to be centered on our faith in Jesus Christ and the gospel to be able to last through this time, The scriptures talk about it as being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine and in this day where men will be murderers and revilers and without natural affection with the eat drink and be merry attitude we cannot afford to be tossed, we must not look beyond the mark or get distracted by menial things, because the moment we do we will be thrown, kind of like what happens when you just stick your foot in the water on one of Uncle Dave's tube rides. as long as you are firmly planted and holding on with your might you will be safe, so don't falter. 

I love you all 


From Dad:

Hey Josh,

Not sure if Mom sent off an email, but sure are proud of you and love that you are persevering through the "dry spells". It's the little things that count. In Stake Conference this week, our new Stake Presidency taught an analogy of gospel living and compared it  the roots, trunk, branches and fruit of a tree. They compared the small simple things of the gospel like scriptures, prayer, church etc. to drip irrigation. Consistent drops yield results and fruit over time both in life and in missionary work.

Based on the pictures your sending home, I think you spend alot of time in the car :)


From Mom:

Sorry, Josh! I always try really hard to be available when your email comes but I was in an appointment this time.

I also talked to Kurri for 2 hours this morning. I just have to wonder sometimes why life is so hard for some people. Despite her challenges she always turns to the Lord and uncomplainingly faces difficulties. She is such an inspiration to me. Anyway, this is why I didn't email you this morning. Crazy life.

I sure love you though. Keep your head up and striving.


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