Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 6, 2016

Well, Another Week...

Another week has zoomed on by, I have been talking with a few missionaries who are about to go home and they can't believe it, they said it goes by way too fast, and looking back on the past 9 months I would have to agree, but even though I am amazed by how fast it has gone looking ahead I feel like I still have forever to go, I guess I will find out what happens.

since yesterday was a holiday it was a regular work day for us, and while we went to find people to teach we came across a guy named Justin, we knocked into him because his wife seemed to be interested in the Message of the Restoration, then he opened up a moment of panic filled my mind because most times the husbands are less then friendly and will often ruin the chances ofr teaching the spouse, the first words out of his mouth was, "we don't believe in the mormon Beliefs" and my quick responce was "then what do you believe?" he told us how he was christian so we shouldn't waist our time, and we told him we did indeed believe in Christ, (at this point I was still expecting to be bashed or turned away) he paused and then asked "you believe he lived and died and rose on lthe third day?" Yes we did, and he told us he didn't know that, that he thought we had a different bible, we said we had the Book of Mormon but it did not replace the bible, he asked about a couple other misconseptions like "did we worship Joseph smith?" no, we revere and respect him for restoring the Gospel "but poligamy, you believe in that right?" nope one wife one husband "so what about that guy in jail?" I think you are talking about the FLDS, "Oh, well its good to hear, that you believe similar to what I believe, that is why I am even giving you the time of day" We went on to teach him the first discussions and invited him to learn more, gave him a Book of Mormon to read over and scheduled another apointment with him.
I am always glad when we can clear things up for people who don't know better, and because of how I have seen what other people think of us, I try not to judge others in their beliefs and really the 11th article of faith has become so much more real to me, I am so grateful we have that, have been given anti mormon pamphlets and it always shocks me how others actually make those, because our church teaches us never to judge, "We claim the priveledge of worshiping almighty God according to the dictates of our own concience and allow all men the same priveledge, let them worship, how, where and what they may"
May we always remember that council, and seek to better ourselves by not judging others of other faiths. We must share the Gospel with love and understanding, the scriptures say through much "persuasion" not arguments or bashing on others beliefs, I know first had what it feels like to be bashed, I don't like it and neither does anyone who has ever lived, and endeavering through argument to sway anothers opinion will only make the other strive that much harder to prove they are right, even if they are completely wrong, so let us reason with our brethren and sisters of the world, we are siblings and children of the Almighty God.
King Benjamen spoke wisely in Mosiah 2:32-33 contention is not Gods way nor is there any part of him that would take part in squabling with someone other then himself, let us speak with humility and peace one to another, and seek to uplift rather then to degrade. Acting in full trust that God will be with he who loves.
I love you all and hope you have another great week, I will try to make my email a little better.
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I am definitely brushing up on my sewing skills,
Things that we should do to find the truth.
Me and the district I am over!
Me and a couple sisters at a Zone activity, sister christianson and sister hanson.
Same zone activity with Sister brumbles and Elder Kang, Elder kang is from Korea here for korean work in this area. 

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