Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 21, 2016

Oh man! This week has been a total blur and I have no clue where to begin, and I hardly know what I did! I will have to refer to my journal, or in a more scriptural terms, It must needs be and is expedient that I write from mine other account.

So without further adieu.

Monday March 14

P-Day! Today's zone activity was volleyball and it was tons of fun, lots of laughs and building of unity, me and Elder Wilson played scripture golf for companion study and talked about the scriptures found, I feel like I need to read the Book of Mormon again so I can feel closer to the spirit.

Tuesday March 15

As a Highlight for today we were able to visit the Orona's an inactive family that loves missionaries. They had us over for sloppy joes and we are really trying to get them active again, they are all super full of energy and can't focus for long so it can get hard to teach them.

Wednesday March 16

3 month mark! wow has it really been that long? 
I was really discouraged at knockout today I don't enjoy when people talk over me when they already can see me talking, and the people who we talked to today did it just because they didn't want to hear me talk, and most treated us like crap, and yet there were those people who were really nice and gave us water for the heat. I have to work on loving people more...

Friday March 18

Dang it! I missed a day! I have an excuse though, we went on exchanges today, the first time on my mission I have been on an actual exchange. I had the opportunity yesterday to serve with Elder Miller, he is assigned to the Korean speaking mission of the San Fernando Valley, THE ENTIRE VALLEY! 
as such he was able to go down to North Hollywood at the bottom of our mission and we got to see a nice Korean lady, and eat at a really good sandwich place

After we exchanged back me and Elder Wilson went straight to the Zone leaders area and did exchanges there so I got two exchanges in a row! what a hassle that was, but while me and Elder Call were knocking doors we looked behind us and saw billowing smoke from across the block right where we had parked so we rushed over and there was a house fire raging just across the street from where we had parked, Elder Call contacted 911 and the fire trucks were there within two minutes so we just left.

Saturday March 19

Operation Gratitude today! An organization dedicated to sending care packages to soldiers out in the field, today was an assembly day so we just packed 5100 for an hour and was able to get cookies after, they have an official page on Facebook and I wonder if I am in any pictures they put up.
After we helped a family move from the reseda ward.

Back with Elder Wilson! and during knockout today we met Fred a black Guy in his 50's and we talked to him for an hour about our beliefs he had a lot of questions and we shall see where this goes

Sunday March 20

Sunday today! It was a nice service, Anthony Morales an investigator we have been working with came even though he doesn't want to be baptized, he still wants to be taught the lessons and likes the light that comes when us missionaries come into his home.

I got your St Patrick's day Package! I love you guys, I can't believe Abby called me Stinky though, I think she needs to send me an apology email.

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