Monday, February 1, 2016


The more learn the more I realize that I am nothing, I have a knowledge and a testimony of this gospel and every single day it is growing, I watched a talk by Jeffrey R Holland in which he talked about how you can not waste a minute on your mission, he spoke of forgetting yourself and making this your life, and i can testify that nothing in this world is more important than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my whole life I never knew what it meant to lose your life to gain it, but I am now starting to understand a little and I will tell you my take on it, for all those who will be serving a mission soon, there is three things you need to know that are super important, 

1. obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. and as long as you will be obedient to the commandments of The Lord then you will have a power inside you that can be seen no matter where you are, did you know that commandments is stated 204 times in the book of mormon? and around 10 in the first five chapters of nephi? To everyone reading the book of mormon, when you go in with a sincere question that you really want to know about anything at all that the book of mormon comes alive in your hands, but to make this happen you must have a question in your mind before you even start reading and make sure to write it on the cover, reading a chapter used to be so hard for me, but with a question to think about I can't wait to get reading again.

2. Love everyone you see, when you determine to love someone before you even get to know them everything about them is fascinating, with love in your heart you can make the best of friends in five minutes, Become as a little child, you know how children can look at a stranger their age and say "you are now my best friend" and they are? amazing right? where did that ability go? when we grow up is the ability to love at first sight lost? I encourage all of you to hold love in your heart at all times, its something we all need to re-learn to do. 

3. For all those serving a mission this is the one thing you need to know... well there is a bit i would like to say, Sam, Ben, going on a mission isn't something to check off your list it's not a goal. It is a life style, Elder Holland said,
THIS IS THE CLOSEST THING TO REAL LIFE YOU WILL EVER GET. Don't think about it as something for you, the moment you get on a mission, the moment you get set apart you no longer get to think about yourself. once you are set apart you are on The Lords Mission its not your mission, it's not dad's mission. The Lord will call you and the lord will work through you, there can be no room in your mind for any of your thoughts...well that's a lie, on a mission you MUST MAKE YOUR THOUGHTS ALIGN WITH GOD'S there is no other way for you to gain the directions of the spirit, you must make this work your own. and you must fill your mind with the scriptures with the Gospel with every bit of knowledge so that the spirit can have every bit of material available to work with through you, you are not the teacher when you serve a mission you are the conduit through which the spirit can teach. 

I love you guys and I hope that you feel the spirit often because in my mind there is nothing that feels as good as when you feel the fire of the spirit burning in your heart. When you are baptized you have access to the spirit 24/7 as long as you live so that he can be there for you.

in other news, after we finished talking there was a devotional and everyone wasn't excited because the christmas devotionals were starting to get monotonous and compared to David A Bednar nothing could compare right? well boy were we wrong since there was a surprise visit by David Archuletta it was so wonderful. he sang dad's favourite song, and everyone was crying, we were encouraged not to scream but I have to admit i squealed just a little. 

I Love You Guys and miss you when I have time to think about it, I am working on aligning my will with God's and find it is harder than it sounds.

Elder Smith


would you be able to ask on facebook for everyone who wants to put their email up for me to send things, I would like to send short spiritual thoughts to people who need them, if you could put a post on facebook for people to put their emails up in comments it would be much appreciated on my end.  

This is my Flight information for my flight to Halifax

Delta Air Lines DL 728

I will be flying out at 8:45 am from salt lake to Minneapolis 

from Minneapolis

Delta Air Lines DL 5130

to Toronto 

from Toronto

Delta Air Lines DL 7160

and I will be landing in halifax around 9:17 PM

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