Monday, February 1, 2016



Dad. I am so amazed by the Spirit, It's so strong here and i am overwhelmed every single day, I realize now, that I have never felt what it means to have the of the spirit. Not like this, you know when they say you will feel a warmth in the heart when you feel it. I think it is more of a blaze, I have felt the spirit so strong that i could barely stand. I can't express to you everything I feel there is too much, and most of it is undescribably

Other then that, My favourite part about sunday was a recorded talk from elder Bednar as he said to become like Christ and be selfless, and get over yourself, and i realized that i am very prideful and self centered. 

I don't have much time but I will give you a short report.

I am in charge of sacrament meeting, they always assign missionaries to do it.

There I Elder Lee, he is our district leader, Elder Edwards is his companion, he is more in touch with the spirit than anyone i have ever seen, Elder Silva, and Elder Baker, Me and Elder Adams, 
Elder Lee, Elder Edwards, Elder Baker and me are all from Canada. its pretty cool and everyone is going to different places except Elder Adams and me, we are both going to San Fernando.

Cafeteria food is fifty fifty on how good it may be. 

No time to think is how my Schedule is, which is a learning experience for me, its cool trying to fit time in to even make a lesson for our investigators, it is so cool how much the spirit helps when you are prepared, and when you aren't. 

Looks like i am going to Halafax, I don't think I will get it in time, But Elder Lee, Baker, and Edwards are going to Edmonton so look for them Elder Lee is a Ginger, Edwards is large and soft spoken, and Elder Baker is really tall.

i learned also that i can Bench press Bailey about ten times which is pretty fun to do. 

anyway, give my love to everyone, my time is up. 

Elder Smith

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