Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 17, 2017 - Hey Family!

From Josh:

I love being out here serving as a missionary and love everything the Lord has given me, from my friends to my family and everything else, I don't think we as a human race are grateful enough in general and think showing a lot  more gratitude for our blessings AND our afflictions and troubles we would be a happier people. 

A few of the experiences of this week, I really have to learn more and more how to keep a budget I checked my balance earlier in the week and learned that I only have 20 dollars for the rest of the month, I was a little perturbed by that and wondered how I had gotten so low, but I realized that going out to eat and other things have slowly whittled away at my funds, so I must do some repenting and remember to stay within my goals... but I checked in the fridge and realized with relief that I have enough food for the month and will be okay. 

I am going on 4 1/2 months with Elder Nelson, about 3 transfers, other missionaries keep saying that this is the trouble transfer where you get in the most fights and start disliking each other, but I know that with a little bit of love and understanding with open communication between us we can work it out and I love it, it seems the longer that I am with Elder Nelson the more I love him, he is a great missionary and a great guy, I look forward to all the adventures we will have together.

In elder quorum on Sunday we talked about prayer, and in district meeting we talked about how our entire religion is based on prayer, Joseph went into the woods and prayed to God and received an answer that was beyond anything he expected and it changed the world. I talk to many people who say that God does not answer prayers, in fact Satan has modified his lie, from God does not speak to man to Oh God speaks to us all the time but only through the bible, 
I testify that the ninth article of faith is true, "We believe all that God has revealed, all that he does now reveal, and we believe that he will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God" Gods word does reveal many things to us, but His word is not confined to what he has said in the past, He speaks to us today, I have felt his influence through the Holy Ghost and he has directed me to that which is most important in life, I know he is there and that he will bless us with knowledge and light as we are ready to receive it, Prayer is the way for families to come together and for the world to feel adequate respect towards God, praying as a family is the single most important thing that we can do to teach each other how much we love God and can create feelings of love and respect towards each other. As missionaries we pray as companions and I have found that is has brought me closer to Elder Nelson then if we hadn't been praying together. Deep feelings of love come from praying together. So if you don't do it then start now, if you do, do it then seek for ways to grow a deeper connection with God by making your prayers deeply respectful like you are approaching the literal thrown of God.

Story of the week

We were waiting to catch one of our less active members so we were knocking near his area and this lady passed by and told us to look up the word Hovah in our dictionary on our phones, we asked if she had ever talked to mormon missionaries before and she said she thought we were Jehovah's witness, she said she didn't know much about mormons so she started asking questions to see if she could bash on us or not, she was walking away after ragging on us for 5 minutes and I told her "God Bless" big mistake, she whipped around and told us that it was yawei not God because the word god was pagan and did not belong to Yawei she then lectured us on the bible for 45 minutes, and we listened as she chastised us for eating pig because it wasn't Gods law of health and then told us that it was right in the bible and we listened for that amount of time until she left and told us Yawei bless. We ended up missing our appointment and a few other things, and walking away with a greater determination to figure out a little more about the old testament.

anyway, Love you all, stay safe, stay out of trouble, stay on the path. 


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