Monday, March 13, 2017

Feb 13, 2017 - Things Happen


Wow, this week a lot happened, from getting dropped by a few of our investigators, one of our investigators found some anti-mormon things online and we had to explain that a lot of it wasn't true... but he was still tripped out and wouldn't let us in to the home, but we eventually were able to help him to feel less sketched out, and gave him meet the mormons as a documentary to watch instead of more anti because he likes documentaries. He really just wants transparency and I hope that we are able to help him out with it. 

While knocking the other day we came across this very cute dog who was sniffing out hands through the fence... so I put my hand forward for it to sniff and all of a sudden

​It bit me! The very first time its happened to me on my mission. So after balling my eyes out for a few minutes we wrapped a piece of paper around it because it was the only bandage type thing we had and resumed knocking doors and trying to convert people to the Gospel. Then went home and bandaged it up. 

I have been feeling like the work has been progressing forward pretty well we have been working with the ward, and have finally more then one dinner this week, we are uncharge of passing the dinner calendar around and we are so busy sundays that it is hard for us, so an average of one a week is the usual but finally one of the sisters in the ward got fed up and took the calendar and told everyone they better sign it, we have 3 active families that make up most of the ward, and they are all Cannons, it reminds me of Sparwood where the Bruces are the same thing, but they are the the ones that head everything, the oldest is the second counselor, and the second oldest is the Elders quorum president, they are a pretty fun time.

I have discovered something, I love coloring, I have been re-reading the scriptures lately and marking different things with so many different colors, I have been so into the Book of Mormon lately, and I am so fascinated by how much you can learn by reading and marking for specific purposes, right now I am marking in yellow all of the words that come directly from God and his attributes, in red everywhere it specifically says the word Knowledge and know. and in blue things that stand out to me. In green the word Remember and what is remembered. Reading the scriptures is such an adventure! I would encourage all to make it a coloring book by marking it with a rainbow, for multiple specific reasons and cross referencing important scriptures. I have found so much joy in it just by doing this, it is such a good way to get into the scriptures more then ever before. 

I miss you all so much and hope that all will be well. Focus on building your testimony and gaining those experiences with the spirit, ever be valiant in your testimony of Christ, pursue knowledge, in all ways be grateful 



For the Pictures, 

Dinner most nights last week 

It rained so much last week that if filled the river for once in about 5 years.  


Sounds like an adventurous week! 

We had a fun winter camp with the YM this last week-end. Funniest story was Ben going to bed Friday night only to find that someone had take his sleeping bag out as a few YM went to the Patrick's garage to sleep warmer. So he grabbed a couple of blankets and put on his coat and tried to sleep. After going to the fire at 3 am to warm up and bugging Sam to share his extra sleeping bag, he finally got some sleep. Said he would not soon forget that, especially next winter camp!

BTW, what's up with the dentist? Do you need anything to get fixed?

Also, we will try to get you a new license. We may have to get you to sign something and send it back. Want you to be able to fully serve in any capacity.

We had a nice "Guess who's coming to dinner" party on Saturday with the Pomerleaus, Patricks and Till's coming over. We printed out some "Get to know you" questions and took turns reading it. One of them was, in effect, "If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do differently or try to do. After a few responses, Bro. Patrick spoke up and said, essentially, that he wouldn't change a thing and that he had lived a blessed life and loved it all and wouldn't change a thing. It was an inspiring thought and one worth striving for, I thought.


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