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Jan 23, 2017 - Changes in myself

From Josh:

This past week I have noticed something that seems to have crept up on me, I used to be very uncertain... in fact my whole mission i struggled with feeling confident in myself and my ability, but lately I have been noticing a greater confidence, and I think it is coming from a couple sources, I always feel more confident in myself when I: 

  • Study the Scriptures
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Keep myself focused.

I have also been really focused on making decisions and sticking with them, I didn't apply this for a long time and have been pretty indecisive, I guess that is what I learned from my last companion, to be blunt and bold. It is much appreciated. 

My new companions name is Elder Nelson, and he acts a lot like my trainer, it is really funny, he is very particular about a lot of things, loves Pokemon, and star wars he hates talking but still tries pretty hard to do so, he is well organized and very particular about where things go and what happens to things. its an adventure, the area I am in has a focus on Less actives, we have literally 45 people average attendance with 350 on the ward list, its crazy how many people fall away, the stake conference last month the seventy who came said it was the most sparsely attended conference he had ever been to, only 300 people showed up. So its interesting to work with less actives, the stake has come up with a new approach to home teaching called pop ins where you can count home teaching even if you just knock on the door. interesting concept but they hope to improve attendance through it. So he are working on that front more then ever, and it is interesting to see people who used to have such a testimony turn away and to find our by what reason they did so. 

...when I got to the apartment the first day I realized something really quick, there was no toilet paper anywhere... so for this whole week I have been very careful not to poop at the apartment, its an interesting contrast... I hope to at least be rich enough for toilet paper when i live on my own, interesting what you will learn on your mission. 

Today while I was studying I came across something that really stood out to me, and that is the statement "happiness is dependent upon righteous conduct" so in order to be trulls happy in this life we much live in such a way that happiness can be achieved, that led me to a study about opposition and progression, we are all called to grow in this life and are meant to go forward continually with faith that God will help us, every decision we make on a daily basis changes us for better or worse, so we much learn to make correct decisions that will help us to achieve our eternal potential. 

I love you all so much


From Jen:

I love it that you see changes in yourself, Josh. And isn't that really the purpose of life? Progress?

Never doubt for a minute that you are doing a great work! It really all matters, every single little effort, invitation, door knock, testimony shared. It will give an opportunity to the other person of course, but it will change you, little by little and drop by drop....

Grandma and Grandpa Bruce are coming this week to wire the basement. Sam and Ben will be happy to have lights with a switch in their bedroom! Lol. The world right now is a winter wonderland and the most beautiful. I feel like Heavenly Father painted the world for us to remind us he loves us.

And I love you!


From Dad:

Hi Josh,

It's been a longer week for me as I ended up in Albany, NY on a business trip. It was a good trip from a work point of view but I certainly miss the family when I'm gone. I listened to a lot of conference talks, watched a lot of basketball, and got caught up on movies on the plane. Lots of cool architecture in Albany. 


I've been reading a fascinating book called the Washington Hypothesis. It is by an LDS author who studied the life of George Washington looking for how he fits into the Lords plan for the restoration of the gospel. Specifically he looks for clues that Washington understood the Book of Mormon covenant for the American continent. It is fascinating and I've gained a renewed appreciation for the way he trusted and acknowledged the Lord in the battle for the freedoms of this land that would be the place of the restoration of temples where we can make personal covenants of salvation. 

Tonight we had a bishops youth fireside at Bishop Lambert's. Mom and I got to be part of a question and answer panel where the youth had submitted anonymous questions and we did our best to answer. It went really well and we had about 28 youth cozied up together in their basement. Since Abby turns 12 this week she got to come too! Hard to believe she's already 12!

This week Grandma and grandpa Bruce are coming up for a visit and to help is do more work on the house. They are a blessing to us. 

How are the people you are teaching doing? Anyone close to baptism we can pray for? Good luck in a new area. 

I've probably shared the story of Hugues and Jardine before but I'll share part of their story again with you. We first met Hugues in Laval Quebec and began teaching him. We often had trouble connecting up with him both due to his work schedule and because of his Haitian layered back concept of time. We would often have to wait 15-20 min for him to show up. The one memorable time was when we came running up late and said that he was locked out of his house and we helped him break in through the second floor window. 

The part that sticks out to me in his conversion story was when we came to teach him and he had been praying about baptism. He had prayed for an answer the night before and had them opened the Book of Mormon straight to Alma 30:41 and read that all things denote that there is a God. He felt his prayer was answered and was shortly baptized followed by his wife a few months later. This is the family that we found again and live in Calgary. It was an amazing experience then and even more special experience to find them again faithful in the gospel and having their son come on a mission to Edmonton. 

I waited to late to send this so I'll send it for next week. 

Love Dad. 

📖 Monthly Quote:

"Leadership is communicating to another person their worth and potential  so clearly they are inspired to see it in themselves. " - Stephen Covey

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