Sunday, November 6, 2016

October 10, 2016


Dear Elder Smith,

We are currently driving through a snow storm and the thought of you riding a bike makes me shiver. Tell us about the Western Union money transfer. Did you get the money okay? Any bike success? Give us the details! We've been thinking of it since we talked last Monday

It was really great to hear your voice despite the subject matter. We got all the information they needed. When you receive the statement in the mail, we need you to sign it right away and send it ASAP, and don't forget to send a diagram of the accident, where pylons were, where cop cars were parked, etc. Then, I think, our part will be done.

By the way.... Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

Here is what we are grateful for:

Dad: He is grateful for challenges and that life is never boring. I think this sentiment comes from our house being delivered and put on the foundation. YAY! It feels exciting and scary at the same time.
Mom: I am extremely grateful always and forever for the Atonement and Gospel of Jesus Christ. It affects every aspect of my life in such profound ways. I am thankful for a husband who never gives up, for kids who make me laugh and feel proud of every day; for the beautiful country we live in. I love life.

Sam:  I'm thankful for time. Time spent with family, time spent with friends, time spent working on hobbies and time spent working earning money. Before I started working I took time for granted, always saying I don't have any time now when I get an hour or two off early from work I say: what am I able to do with the time that I got? Now that I have Saturday's off I've been going on lots of dates. I love you Josh.

Ben: I'm grateful for the opportunity to go to school and learn new things, I'm grateful for my family and the experiences I've had with them, I'm happy I was raised in the church and am able to experience the blessings that come from it. And finally, I'm grateful for my families awesome ability to cook good food.

Abby: I'm grateful for our house we're going to move into,i'm grateful for my family, I'm grateful for heavenly father and his blessing and the love my family gives me, I'm also thankful for Coco and the laughs that she brings to us I love you Josh and I hope that your doing amazing and your feeling awesome (because you are).

Mia:I'm grateful for your safety on your Mission and that I have a grate big brother and that heavenly father loves me and I'm thankful for holidays. From mia

(Everyone wrote their own except Dad, who was driving.)

Grandma, Mark and I had a fantastic discussion about prayer and how much praying actually can affect the person(s) we are praying for. Think of Alma, who prayed for his son, which in turn enabled ab an angel to appear to him. So, prayers for others doesn't affect their agency, but it can affect their environment. It is comforting doctrine to know that we can pray for others, that our faith can aid and assist in others' progression.

I wonder about it because we pray for you all the time. Something I pray for often is that Heavenly Father will open your eyes to His tender mercies. We also pray for your safety. I also ask that you will be magnified and strengthened and that your personal conviction and conversion will run deep. Personally, my lifeline is the relationship I have with God. It is my most precious possession because it influences everything in my life for good. Perspective. Peace. Love. Patience. All good things. And I want that for my children, too. I am filled with gratitude that you chose to serve a mission. The benefits you will gain are enormous. Grandma said that the experiences a person gets on their mission cannot be attained in any other way. So, I am grateful for you. Actually, my heart fills with gratitude that you are where you are. I love you so much! Look ahead at all the wonder your life is going to bring you. Don't look back any more. Learn your lessons from the past, but now look forward. ☺

Love always,

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