Sunday, September 4, 2016

Aug 22, 2016

Preparing for the future

There is so much that I wish I had done before my mission to prepare myself, things come up that I wish I had paid more attention to, like learning how to sew better and knowing more cooking skills, I mean right now I am learning a lot on my own but it would have been better I think if I had my priorities straight. so my advice to you all is learn while you can, take every opportunity to do those things that will help you now.

So recently we were knocking this one street and the first few houses they just looked at us and told us we should leave, one guy opened the door and said "who is knocking at my door! Mormon missionaries!? I don't want to listen to you at all what I have heard I don't like, and I have read your book, what I have read I don't want to do so you can just go away" and with that he closed the door. Another door we knocked on the man opened up and said he wasn't interested in our message, I say that the Olimpics were on and asked him how it was going, he told us he had just gotten home, he then said he had read the book of Mormon and didn't think there was enough evidence that it was true, because you could prove that Jesus lived because of historical evidence and you can't do that with the Book of Mormon, I asked him if he had prayed about it and he said he would never pray about it because it was wrong, and he would never believe William Smith and the Coins.... which was confusing because I had never heard of William smith and the coins only Joseph Smith and the Gold plates. Conclusion probably read some really bad anti. We then met a inactive member who told us that he was going to go on a mission but he had learned some things that made him not want to tell others about our life style, conclusion, probably got into bad anti, and his faith wasn't rooted in the Gospel,

I want to bear my testimony to you, I know this Church is true, because of the men and woman that it makes, I have never once heard people judge us by how we acted only what we believe, we actually had a conversation with a guy about it, he told us that he knew that not all Mormons are the best society has to offer, but he had yet to meet one of those kind, because everyone he had met that was Mormon were great people, he told us that he thought all religions were wrong but that the Mormons knew how to build its members up to be great people. We were talking to a member the other day, and he said, "I don't get why people don't want to believe in Joseph Smith saying that he wrote the Book of Mormon himself, I say that if a man could write a book with three different versions of the tree of life, King Benjaman's sermon, with so many miniscule and amazing details drawing conclusions that enlightened the mind and made clear the bible while being in perfect corilation with the bible and its precepts only in 76 days then I almost want to worship the man himself for such a work, now its almost easier to believe that he was inspired of God because that takes no thought on his own, he could be the most uneducated person and still do it with the power of God, Saying the Book of Mormon was written by a man would make Joseph Smith the most brillian man in his era, maybe even in all the history of the world."
Putting all that aside, if it truly came from God then wouldn't it be wise to ask him? even if it claims to come from God it is smarter to ask if it truly did come by the hand of God or not. Because God will tell you in his time, in a way that you will understand to be the truth, I can promise you that. so whenever you are struggling with belief and testimony, turn to God, and if you want a clearer answer fast and pray, God is not a god of confusion, he is on our side and wants us to know the truth, he will answer a fervent prayer of faith, no matter how big or small your trial.

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