Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 20, 2016

From Dad:

Hi Josh,

How was your week? We've had a busy one including a family trip to Utah to see Steph and Tyler. We left Thursday night after work and drove down to see the Bectells. The cousins stayed up late to see us and the kids made sure to create another movie trailer together the next morning.

While we were there, they got a call from Grandma Smith. Grandpa's surgery went well, but in a CT scan a few days later they noticed another tumor. Good chance he'll have to go for another surgery so keep praying for him.

Friday we were on the road all day. The kids did great and we didn't have any fighting. We stopped in Salt Lake to pick up Tyler from work and drove to Provo. We are coming to love Tyler more and more. He is so interested in what each of us are doing and is so creative. He spent time with Abby developing photographs in the dark room (their kitchen with black paper over the doors and windows. He also went and got pipe and supplies and built a bottle rocket with Sam. It was super cool!


It's been super hot here. We went for a hike up to a waterfall in provo canyon and had fun running under the waterfall. I bruised the bottom of my feet pretty good and decided to keep my shoes on when I went through again with Mom. We were a bit of a clumsy couple as we stumbled at the end and wiped out and banged into each other. Mom also forgot that her phone was in her pocket.

Saturday night we were chilling out and the neighbor across the street came and asked for help getting her miter saw unstuck. I tried but couldn't get it to move and Tyler came over and saved the day. Her name was Kiya. She is a single Mom who is in Stephs ward.

At church Sunday, a girl stood up to speak and I thought she was a Laurel until she mentioned Tyler and I helped her the night before and I realized it was Kiya. She talked about Fathers and one thing that really struck me from her talk was the idea of oscillating family narratives. The concept is that there is a lot of power in family stories that parents tell their children. Oscillating means to tell both the good and the bad. I think we have done that well in our families. Especially Mom.

Father's Day I was spoiled with a fantastic roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. I got bbq utensils, a blue tooth speaker, a nice card from Steph, and a photo of me and Mia at Telford lake from Tyler's lab. The little girls gave me fun cards and a key chain from activity days.

I'm truly blessed to have all my wonderful children. I love you son. I'm thankful for you and proud of you. We have had some fun conversations remembering good times with you.

Have a great week, son.

Ps. Some picture from the trip.

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From Josh:

Sounds like a fun trip! wish I could be with you guys, but I know where I am meant to be and that is here, I am starting to love it here, and I am continually trying to be the best I can be.

Before I start into anything I want to say, happy fathers day! I have to agree with you on our upbringing I know for me you and mom helped me be who I am today, I am thankful for a dad who has been a constant example of faith and duty throughout my whole life, you have always been there for me and even when it was hard for you, you would always make time for us. I am grateful for the life skills that you helped me gain, like changing a tire, I never thought I would need that on my mission, I am so glad for the memories we have together I remember you pushing me on my bike all those years ago down a narrow sidewalk and the confidence that I had when you were pushing me, that has been present for my whole life, I have never had to worry because I always knew you were pushing me down the correct path of life, with your steady had always guiding me, and even now when I am so far away I can feel your constant support for me, like riding a bike you eventually had to let go for me to truly learn how do it right. I love you dad, you are my hero, my role model, and my best friend, whenever someone asks me who I see as great, my first thoughts turn to you.

Transfer calls were today, I will be training a new Elder, and boy do I feel inadequate, but though all my uncertainty my testimony is strengthened that the Lord does answer blessings, I have been asking and praying for a long time to be able to grow into a better missionary, to have an increased trust in the Lord, and here is my opportunity, the opportunity that the Lord has presented to me and I am confident that he will help me through this training to grow not only myself but this new Elder... did you train on your mission? do you have any advice?

I love you guys and will try to get a new camera so I can send some pictures to you!

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