Monday, June 6, 2016

May 23, 2016

From Mom:

Guess who I went with to the Cardston Temple? Sis. Cindy Garbutt, who recently moved here from Dartmouth. She had never seen it and I thought we should remedy that. In my long email that I'm going to send you for next p-day, I'll tell you all about it. :)
I love you! The Gospel is true. Remember we pray for you every day.



From Josh

This week was pretty good, still got lost a lot, but have been settling into the area well.

This week has been a blur and honestly I have hardly any clue what happened to it, one day we were shopping for P-day and the next we were going to church and trying to get investigators there. It has been really crazy. 

I do not have much to say, I hope you all are having a good week and I am really glad that you are all well. 

Something that has recently bothered me are three words people most often say at the door, "I am comfortable" I am comfortable with my religion, I am comfortable with my understanding of the Bible, I am comfortable where I am at in life. These things make me so sad, and I hope that nobody in The Church of Jesus Christ ever settles into that "I am comfortable" mind set, we should never feel comfortable, we should always be seeking to expand our views increase our testimonies, strengthen our conversion, Captain Moroni in a time of peace was not content with being comfortable, he built up fortifications and battlements and forts and defenses relentlessly, he was not content with sitting back and saying all is well, as he did so should we, at a time when we are not going through any specific trials, when life is good, we should never slacken our efforts to build ourselves up, we should never forget to study the scriptures, we should never forget to pray, we are always changing for better or for worse, there is no "comfortable" so when you find yourself getting comfortable with where your testimony is at, then that should immediately tell you that you need to be acting. In the words of Jeffrey R Holland, "Salvation was never easy" and in the words of the prophet Thomas S Monson "Choose the harder right" It is not easy to be part of Christs church so don't ever get comfortable.

A couple Highlights of this week:

I am in the Saugus 3rd ward and this lady walked up to me from the 2nd ward and we started talking and she said that she came from the Redd family, and I remember hearing that name, and asked her if she was related to Guinevere Redd and she decided to look it up, I found out yesterday that she is my second cousin twice removed and that she is second cousins to Grandma Smith, It is a small world

we also had the chance to be in the Home of Jon Heder who acted Napolian Dynamite. He is really cool and I don't know If I will ever watch Napolian Dynamite the same. 

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Having wings for District meeting!

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